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Getting to Know the Dorm Bed

A Typical College Dorm BedThe dorm bed is a very utilitarian piece of furniture topped with a flimsy and slim mattress. Anyone who is used to sleeping on a thick and plush mattress in a sturdy bed frame will feel immediately as if their sleeping experience is being compromised. Though there is not much that can be done about the construction of the dorm bed or it’s existence in a dorm room there are a few adjustments that new dormers may want to make so their bed is a more comfortable place to be. First of all the dorm bed’s mattress is about as thin and not supportive as a mattress can get. Mattress pads are the answer to this dorm bed problem because they can easily and snugly fit over the existing dorm mattress. Mattress pads can be made with goose down fill or down alternative fill for those with allergies. The extra layer of padding and softness makes it much easier to find a comfortable sleeping position on a dorm bed. Feather beds are a little thicker and more padded than the traditional mattress pad. Feather beds can be found in twin and full sizes so it fits comfortably atop a dorm mattress. These feather beds turn a dorm bed into a comfortable and cozy sleeping space as the feather bed cradles the body and adds an extra layer of warmth underneath a sleeping body.

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